The lowdown on nursing clothes – what do you really need?

It’s normal to feel a little (or a lot!) overwhelmed by everything you need to prepare for your little one’s arrival. Often times, moms are really good about crossing things off the “baby list” … but forget about themselves!

If you are hoping to nurse your baby, purchasing a few pieces of nursing-friendly clothing will be helpful. I always tell my customers to start with the basics! Here are some tips on preparing your nursing wardrobe:

For the hospital:

First tip: don’t pack a lot of clothes for the hospital. Your little one will soon make his/her grand entrance and you will be exhausted. Changing your outfit during your hospital stay will be at the bottom of the list of priorities! That said, proper nursing attire for the hospital can help you feel a little less “exposed” as you get the hang of nursing your baby.

What you really needA basic nursing tank and nursing bra will form the basis for your new mom uniform. I also recommend packing disposable nursing pads for your hospital stay. It’s hard to predict when your milk will come in so best be prepared!

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For those first few weeks at home:

Once you’re home from the hospital, it’s time to get comfortable, enjoy those newborn cuddles and focus on making sure your baby is fed and happy.

What you really need:  If breastfeeding is going well, it’s a good time to think about adding to your collection of nursing tanks and bras. Keep in mind that it’s not recommended to wear any underwire bras for at least 6 weeks after birth (until your milk supply stabilizes) so a soft cup bra is your best bet!

It’s also a good time to buy some washable nursing pads. You’ll need them for a few months (or longer) and they are the best – and most cost effective – option!

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In the longer-term:

Once you and baby get into a feeding routine, nursing on the go will get easier and more comfortable. Adding some nursing-friendly clothing to your wardrobe will make dressing for outings with your little one so much easier.

What you really need This really depends on your style, and of course, time of year. If it’s warm out, a nice nursing dress could be practical. During the winter months, a few nursing sweaters could be all you need. If you are doing any mommy + me exercise classes, a good, supportive nursing sports bra will be essential.

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