Surviving the winter with Bridge the Bump

There is no denying that the cool weather is here to stay. If you are pregnant, you might already be wondering how you’re going to stay warm this winter. Do you buy a new coat or try to squeeze into the one you have? For a lot of women, it seems like such a waste to spend money on a maternity coat when odds are that you already own an expensive, good quality winter coat (that will just sit in the closet unworn this winter).

Well the good news is that you can keep wearing it!

Bridge the Bump for pregnancy

Our Bridge the Bump coat extenders are designed to keep you warm and stylish in your own jacket this winter! They not only eliminate the need to buy a maternity coat, they will also keep your baby warm while babywearing (when the time comes!). All you have to do is flip the extender upside down and zip it into your jacket.

Bridge the Bump for babywearing

Having had only winter babies, I know the dilemma that comes with wanting to spend time outside with a newborn. Strollers are hard to maneuver in the snow and they require you to put baby in a snowsuit… which not only looks uncomfortable but makes it hard for you to monitor their body temperature. With a Bridge the Bump coat extension, you can carry your little one on your chest in a soft carrier and zip your jacket up easily and comfortably. It is completely safe and there is no worrying about baby being cold! Major win.

Oh, did I mention that your partner can also use the insert for babywearing in their own coat? Yup, these coat extenders can do double duty! All you have to do is purchase an extra Zippy Strip Adapter to make swapping between coats a cinch.


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