Dressing your post-baby body: my go-to items!

A woman’s body undergoes so many changes during and after pregnancy ….  but most women don’t really prepare for the “after baby” changes. We expect (thank you celebrities!) our bodies to bounce back quickly but truth is, it doesn’t quite work like that for most of us. Having had 3 babies in 3 years, I know all too well the challenges of dressing post-pregnancy and my only advice is: be patient!

If you are struggling with what to wear and how to dress, I suggest that you go through your closet. Leave what fits and remove what doesn’t. There is nothing worse than trying to pull an outfit together from clothing that makes you feel bad about yourself. I recommend repeating this exercise regularly over the first few months as your body continues to change and you’ll be able to re-integrate more of your pre-pregnancy clothing.

Most of all, just remember that you’ve just grown and birthed a baby! Go easy on yourself. Sometimes just treating yourself to something new and comfortable to wear can make a world of difference.  And while I know spending on “transition” clothes might seem like a waste, there are a few items that you just can’t go wrong with (and I promise will last way beyond that transition period).

  • Spanx leggings: I love these leggings for so many reasons! They remind me to stand straighter, they do an amazing job of sucking in my belly and keep everything firm and smooth. The best! (click here to shop our Spanx leggings)
  • Tunics and shift dresses: Unstructured dresses give you a bit of room to slim down without having to change your wardrobe every few weeks as your body changes. I always have a few in store as part of our Gentle Fawn (non-maternity) collection. (click here to shop our Gentle Fawn dresses)
  • Underwire-free bras: If you choose to nurse your baby, underwire-free bras are recommended for the first 6 weeks as your milk supply (and breast size) stabilizes. Whether you need a bra for lounging at home or for the mommy & me yoga class you joined, Maman Chic offers a range of these bras. (click here to shop our bras)
  • Cardigans and vests: A must have for all women … but extra great for new moms since they do a great job of hiding those love handles most of us are left post-pregnancy! Oh, and are practical for nursing too!
  • Stretchy jeans: A dark jean will be more slimming and a mid or high rise jean will be most comfortable. If you purchased a pair of underbelly jeans for your pregnancy, you can continue to wear these until you fit in your pre-pregnancy jeans (and even after that!).

Did you have a go-to item that didn't make my list? Let me know in the comments below!

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  • Great tips! It can be such an awkward time…

    Rebeka on
  • Love these items!! I’d wear ’em!!

    Anne-Marie Bouchard on

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